Vale, Big Yellow

While Kodak has been in its death throes for many years, the announcement of their intention to sell off their iconic consumer film division marks the end of an era.


Black and White film developing at home (part 3)

Ross Holmberg‘s home developing tutorial reaches its conclusion (If you missed them, here’s part 1, and here’s part 2). OK, so you’ve got exposed B&W film in the developing tank, and you’re ready to run that baby through the developing process.

Black and White film developing at home (part 2)

Ross Holmberg‘s home developing tutorial continues (If you missed it, here’s part 1). Now that you’ve got everything you need, the first thing to do is get your film on to the film reel and into the developing tank. This step will be done in the changing bag, and is probably the trickiest step of…

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Black and White film developing at home (part 1)

MSM member Ross Holmberg has very kindly written a three part tutorial for us. If you’d like to start developing your own Black & White film at home, read on! It’s no secret that here at the Melbourne Silver Mine, we love film. Ask any member and they’ll give you a few of their reasons….

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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2011

Happy Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day! Well actually it’s more like week. Because WWPPD falls on Easter Sunday they have extended the time in which you can take photos for them to be valid for the official website. So any pinhole images taken between now and May 1st are valid.

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