Community Darkroom

Thanks to the generosity of an MSM member, Zaeem Burq , we are pleased to be able to provide the opportunity to spend time in a fully equipped darkroom, to learn about darkroom techniques, and to produce prints from their own negatives. Based in Pitt Street, Brunswick, Zaeem is willing to provide his time and expertise to help you learn the skills needed to get your photos printed.

The darkroom is equipped to produce prints up to 20 x 24 inch, from negatives of any film format up to and including 5×4 and 8×10. Materials are available for use (at cost), or you may provide your own.

Sessions can only be booked with pre-payment of the appropriate fee.

If you have any questions at all about it, please drop Zaeem a line at

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2 Responses to Community Darkroom

  1. Ben Goh says:

    I’ve found your web site through the Australia/New Zealand Lomography ‘s link. I am very much interested in the dark room session the club is hosting. I had a dark room experience when I was in high school but that was during the 80’s, it would be nice to have a refresher course again. Just a simple question, if I decide to join the Melbourne Silver Mine club, will I be able to use the facility of the dark room on a semi-regular basis without doing the “Introductory Darkroom Course” again?


  2. Hi Ben, Thanks for contacting us.
    Darkroom sessions are by arrangement with Zaeem Burq, please contact him via to discuss your needs.

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