Interview: Lan Huang

This week we talk to Lan Huang.

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untitled by Lan Huang

how long have you been shooting film?

Well, I first handled a film camera when I was a kid. I remember mum was always worried I was going to crop peoples’ heads out of the frame. But I started to use film more intentionally about two years ago. I think it started with a BIG W disposable camera. I just had the film processed for $5 and scanned it. I should’ve got prints…

do you prefer colour or black & white? do you have a favourite film, camera or technique you like to work with?

I mainly shoot slide film because I like looking at them through the light. But I’ve matured to like print film as well. I think I don’t like black & white as much because I stubbornly like to fly before I can walk if you know what I mean.

In terms of technique, I recently got a 35mm tilt shift lens. I think a proper camera is not complete unless it has tilt and shift functions. We had it in the beginning, why are we taking it away now?

(picture not available)

untitled by Lan Huang

show us one of your favourite shots and tell us a bit about it – how did you take it? is there a story behind it?
(picture not available)

untitled by Lan Huang

This photo was taken by a beautiful Agfa Record III. A camera which I’ve stupidly lost on the train. The photo was taken in one of the busiest tourist spots in Shanghai(my birth place). I’m just amazed how everyone took absolutely no notice at the four guys sleeping in the middle of the day.

show us a favourite shot from the MSM pool. what do you enjoy in other peoples’ photos?

Let me pick two. The first one has a really strong Melbourne feel to it. The second one is just a great photo, lovely light, plus it’s on instant film!

riders after the storm #4

riders after the storm #4 by mugley


H by leeham

I have almost 8000 favs of other peoples’ photos on flickr. So I do love looking at other peoples’ work. I just like photos that are somehow different to everything else I’ve seen before.

I feel like the more photos I see, the closer I am to noticing the best photo ever.

question from the previous interviewee: If you could bring back one film that has been discontinued what would it be and why?

I wish Polaroid are still making the 600 and SX-70 films because they are pretty unique. What the new company is bringing out now are a load of rubbish if I’m going to be perfectly honest.

I’m also a bit disappointed that Fujifilm have discontinued the large format QuickLoad films. I plan on shooting some 4×5 in the future, loading film will not be so quick and pain free.

please give us a question to ask the next person:

What are you passionate about other than photography and why?

(picture not available)

Untitled-1 by Lan Huang

Thank you! You can find Lan on flickr here.

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Barbara Fischer • October 14, 2010

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