The Melbourne Silver Mine’s annual exhibition of analogue photography “UNSENSORED” is set to return to Collingwood Gallery on Friday August 13, 2010.

The 75 Tram on Flinders Street, by Roberts Birze.

UNSENSORED10 is a unique photography exhibition of over 70 works based on one common element: film.

Presented by Melbourne Silver Mine, a growing organisation of passionate film photographers, the exhibition showcases a range of themes including street photography, portraiture, urban and rural landscapes and still life.

Collingwood Gallery
292 Smith Street Collingwood

Opening Night:
Friday 13th August 2010 from 6pm

Exhibition dates:
Saturday 14th August – Wednesday 25th August 2010

Gallery open
10am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday
Midday – 6:30pm Monday – Friday

More information at: http://unsensored.net/.

This year’s show features the work of:
Rhys Allen, Olga Bennett, Roberts Birze, Sandy Birze, Jock Blakley, Natalie Blom, Richard Buckley, Zaeem Burq, Matthew Carr, Dave Carswell, Lucian Chaffey, Andrew Cosgriff, Sophie Curzon-Siggers, Barbara Fischer, Stacy Gillett, Tim Heraud, Ross Holmberg, Tim Johnson, Matthew Joseph, Mike Le Fevre, Jaye Loring, Suzi Macbeth, Iain Maclachlan, James Mcmanus, Piers Morgan, Jodie Noonan, Vinnie Piatek, Amy Piesse, Ambre Pitt, Richard Plumridge, Mike Reed, Kevin Reeve, Karen Riley, Ahmad Sabra, Jesper Sidhu, Deanne Smith, Cameron Stephen, Paul X. Stoney, Reynandi Susanto, Jesse Swallow, Liam Thomas, Jacqueline van Zetten, Michael Verhoef, Marcus Visic, Christian Were, Dee Whalan, Katherine White, Liam White, Damian Young, Chris Zissiadis

Waiting, by Dave Carswell.

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3 Responses to UNSENSORED10

  1. Jaye says:

    not long to go now!!!

  2. Jaye says:

    kick ass opening night, congratulations to those that made sales.

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