interview: Gedal Basman

Our latest interviewee is Gedal Basman.


how long have you been shooting film?
It started a long time ago but there was a break of almost 10 years, due to the digital conspiracy:) I have restarted shooting film about half a year ago by finishing 10 year old roll on an old SLR I rediscovered.

do you prefer colour or black & white? do you have a favourite film, camera or technique you like to work with?
I love both colour and b&w film, but there’s something about b&w that is more analog, more artistic. My favourite camera is Zenit – an old friend, simple and robust. I haven’t worked out what my favourite film is yet.

show us one of your favourite shots and tell us a bit about it – how did you take it? is there a story behind it?

Old Quadrangle
Old Quadrangle

This photo of Old Quadrangle at Melbourne Uni was taken with an Agfa Isolette on 120mm b&w film called “Lucky” – there’s something NQR with the film on this exposure, but I think it’s for the best. This shot itself was random – mostly to finish off the roll.

show us a favourite shot from the MSM pool. what do you enjoy in other peoples’ photos?
I really enjoy good portraits, especially ones that are expressive, convey emotions, mood etc.

by Karen Riley.

question from the previous interviewee: How understanding is your family/significant when you purchase another camera and/or lens, do you hide purchases from them?
I don’t hide anything, but if my wife rings you – just remember – whatever she’s asking about – you DID lend it to me:) But to answer the first part of the question – when it comes to film my family and friends think I’m on another wavelenght.

contemplate without hesitation
contemplate without hesitation

Question for next person:
What inspires and motivates you in photography?

Thanks for your time, Gedal! You can see more of his work on flickr as Гедаль Basman, and his blog can be found at livejournal.

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Barbara Fischer • June 6, 2010

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  1. Damo June 6, 2010 - 12:39 pm

    Maybe we can “lend” gear to each other when Mrs Gedal or Mrs Damo starts asking questions…

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