interview: Jacqueline van Zetten

Hi everyone! As a way of helping people get to know various members of the Melbourne Silver Mine, I’ll be putting up some short interviews over the coming months.

Our first interview is with Jacqueline van Zetten.

Please introduce yourself: Hi, I’m Jacqueline and I still have a lot to learn about photography, but am enjoying the process.

What is “your style” of photography? My style has no particular form or subject, I simply enjoy documenting what I can see and experience. Recently I have also started creating images, or using props. This is generally for my own (and others) amusement rather than an ‘artistic statement’ though.

How long have you been shooting film and what do you get out of it? I’ve been shooting film since around early 2006 when I was looking at doing a darkroom course after seeing some friend’s results. I was, and still am amazed by the quality that can be achieved compared to digital. There are so many variations of equipment and film that you could shoot the same subject 100 times and have different shots every time. There is so much learning, and experimenting, to be done.


With regard to the above photo, tell us about it. How did you take it and what did you take it with? This photo was taken with my Olympus OM-1N and a Zuiko 50mm f/1.8, which is my preferred, probably most reliable equipment at the moment. The film was Neopan 1600 – my first roll of it – and developed in Ilfotec DD-X, which I like for the ‘plain’ results, giving me more control digitally later.

How would you take it/arrange it differently if you had the chance? A 50mm is hard to use at the museum, obviously because some displays are closer/further, but I’m fairly happy with this (even though it is cropped from the original frame). I’d prefer to have a slightly longer lens if I went again, for the higher displays like this one. I also might have pushed the film to 3200 so that I could use a slower aperture.

Do you prefer color or black & white film? I’m only just starting to experiment with different types of film, and seeing the different effects they have in different conditions.

At the moment I prefer black & white over colour. Partially for the convenience of being able to develop myself at a lower cost and as I need, but also because of the different look it can give a photo. The tones and shades are often more interesting than in a colour photo and can often bring out details you wouldn’t notice in colour.

Do you have a favourite film? I don’t think I could pick a favourite film, mostly because I haven’t looked closely at enough to decide on one. I quite like Ilford HP5 Plus, which was the first black & white film I used. I find it to be quite a ‘simple’ film, without tendencies for high contrast or high grain, but it’s usable in most conditions with good results.

Recently I’ve also started to use Fujifilm Neopan 1600, as in the dinosaur shot, and I like that for the grain and high ISO. It also lets me use filters (red and/or polarisers) if it’s particularly bright, without having to push the film.

What do you like to see in other people’s photos in the MSM pool? Is there a particular photo that demonstrates this? I like the MSM pool for the variety that it has. There are so many different cameras, films and formats that it is impossible to pick just one favourite. The one thing that I particularly like is that people are not afraid to try new things. If you want to know the effect that a certain camera gives, or how certain films look, then generally you will be able to find it in the pool, or someone will know about it.

Thanks very much for your time, Jacqueline, and we look forward to seeing your contribution to the UNSENSORED09 exhibition!

You can find Jacqueline on flickr as jacquelinekvz.



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Andrew Cosgriff • May 24, 2009

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  1. jaye May 25, 2009 - 11:45 am

    great interview guys, looking forward to meeting all more of our members this way 😀

  2. Damo May 25, 2009 - 12:42 pm

    great way to get to know people better from the ‘mine.

    Great work Andrew.

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